Nick Foles presents Philadelphia with a win-win situation

Nick Foles, the Philadelphia Eagles MVP Super Bowl winning quarterback will offer the Eagles front office with a unique situation during the upcoming off-season. Do they trade him while his stock is through the roof? Or do they retain him for the upcoming season?

The important bit of fact is that Foles is indeed signed through the 2018-19 season. However, the Eagles are without their second and third round picks in the upcoming draft.

This is where things can get a little tricky and we have to remember that the NFL is a business.

For instance if an interested team calls with an offer they couldn’t pass up and Foles wants another starting shot in the league, which clearly is deserved, all works out well. But what if Nick is comfortable with where things are at in his life and would prefer to remain as Carson Wentz backup, now what do you do?

Do you allow the first quarterback in franchise history to win the Super Bowl to ultimately make that decision? After all if there is one thing the front office truly learned is having a reliable backup is imperative.

If there is one thing we’ve learned about Nick Foles since being drafted in the third round (88th overall) in the 2012 by the Eagles, he likes to stay close to home.

And for good reason. He has always performed well donning the Midnight Green.

One thought on “Nick Foles presents Philadelphia with a win-win situation

  1. Last week the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 in the Super Bowl. I didn’t watch the game: I have boycotted the NFL this past season because certain players refuse to stand for the National Anthem.

    Here is a comment that I left on Tony Puccio’s blog My Dreams and Visions:

    Tony: You probably noticed that, a week ago, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. Definitely a sign from God. “Eagles”, of course, means prophets. Philadelphia was probably the most important city in Revolutionary War America (1776-1783). You could call this comment “Eagles over America”.

    I believe the Eagles victory over the Patriots in the Super Bowl means that the prophets in America are going to do more powerful things for the Lord and that many more people will notice this and also begin to respect prophets more. There are still too many Christians that believe that apostles and prophets and the power of the Holy Ghost no longer have a place in the church (they say that these offices or gifts died out in the first century).

    I believe “Patriots” is also significant. Patriots can be Christian or non-Christian. Right now we are in a great spiritual war (revolutionary war) between Christian Patriots and Satanic Globalists (Rothschild-Soros-H.W.Bush-Clinton-Obama Cartel) in the United States and throughout the world. The fact that the Eagles defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl means that the eagles (prophets) are in a position of leadership for the patriots of America. The prophets will lead the Christian patriots as we continue to have victory over the globalists.

    President Trump is one of the important eagles (prophets) in the world that the Lord has positioned to lead the patriots.


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